Desktop Support

Information Technology   |   Calgary, AB

Job Description

Information Technology
Calgary, AB

Job Responsibilities: 

Technical Support
Immediate troubleshooting of urgent technical issues
Guidance on issues bordering on technical and managerial operations
Execute all developmental activities, troubleshooting, and technical support.
Provide technical support to internal and remote customers.
Provide technical support for other in-house departments.
Support external departments with technical support.
Provide technical support and quality assurance for product/process improvement.
Work with engineering, technical support, and/or applicable area to ensure that material is accurate and reflects current product features.
Provide customer-friendly and proficient technical support to customers via inbound phone calls, email and escalations.
Customer Service
Provide high quality customer service and troubleshooting techniques with various clients that may call in to our support center. 
Provided general customer service to customers and additional support to internal departments regarding hardware and software
Manage the order flow process to ensure all orders are handled accurately and efficiently by the customer service team
Perform Customer Service and Help Desk duties if required. 

Skills & Qualifications
Proficiency in SQL (know how to create/run queries and look up tables)
Proficient in technology especially Microsoft Office applications
Strong problem-solving and analytical skills
Excellent oral and written communication skills
Proficient in technology especially Microsoft Office applications
Experience with Functional & Non-Functional software testing
Experience with CRM systems is advantageous