Account Executive / Recruiter

Sales and Marketing   |   Hargeisa, Somaliland

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All our clients require business/peer references from prospective candidates. Signing the disclosure statement below allows us to check your references, which will only be done when we deem it necessary to further the placement process or to verify information you have given us. Reference and salary information is always kept in the strictest professional confidence.

Please provide us with the names, telephone number, and titles of three business and three peer references. Briefly describe your relationship to these references. If you are working, we realize that in most cases you cannot use your current supervisor as a reference. Supervisors from a previous employer are acceptable as are trusted peers in your current company. You will be notified before any references are contacted.

Disclosure Statement

I understand that DMA GLOBAL LTD may conduct a reference check. This reference may include information regarding character, work record, general knowledge & capabilities, and reputation. The references contacted do not necessarily need to be listed below.

I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understand this statement, and hereby authorize DMA GLOBAL LTD to obtain a reference check as described above.