App Team Lead

Information Technology   |   Singapore or Remote

Job Description

Information Technology
Singapore or Remote

General Description

Our client is a Singapore - headquartered  Internet service provider, helps to power some of the fastest growing mobile services in the world with a strong specialty in network security and privacy protection. With millions of paying customers endorsing our capabilities, our client company strives to help their partners achieve great success through commitment to excellence in what they do.  

Job Description:

This is a management position which requires a technical background. Our users use our App products on their PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices. This position is responsible for determining the technical direction for the App team, coordinating the development progress, managing and motivating the team. To promote code optimization and process optimization, to  ensure that the iteration progress is consistent with the needs of the product and business team, and to achieve joint improvements for individuals and the company.

Job Responsibilities:

● Communicate with the product team to determine product requirements;

● Allocate and follow up the R&D progress of team members;

● Coordinate and solve difficult R&D problems and bugs;

● Determine the technical direction, promote code optimization, and ensure the effectiveness of documents;

● Manage and motivate team members, participate in the recruitment;


● Bachelor degree or above in computer science or related majors;

● More than 5 years of App development experience (iOS or Android), and more than 3 years of team management experience;

● Have technical judgment ability for multi-platform (IOS, Mac, Android, Windows) development;

● Able to sort out the work process within the team to achieve supervision, promotion and optimization of team work efficiency;

● Possess the forward-looking skills of App development and can reserve the future technology for the team;

● Possess previous management experience in either KPI or OKR;

● Excellent communication skills and affinity;

● Bilingual in Chinese and English to liaise with the stakeholders overseas.