IT Operations Specialist

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Job Description

Information Technology

Our client, a leading internet service provider with global operation footprintshas solutions that can deliver high performance IT infrastructure including Cloud, networking and IDC service for the Enterprises. Their headquarters is listed at the Shenzhen Stock market. As a leading ISP and IDC operator, they are offering fast and reliable Global Private Network throughout US, Europe, and Asia and provides full stack IT Solutions.

They are now looking for a Mandarin speaking IT Operations Specialist in Dallas.


1. Regularly check and organize the spare parts in the Equipment room, and maintain the local spare parts in warehouse;

2. Regularly inspect the equipment in the Equipment room;

3. Apply for entry for those who need to enter the room, host the third-party and manufacturer personnel, and accompany the third-party and manufacturer personnel during operations to prevent mis-operation;

4. Assist in deploying equipment and laying cables;

4. In the event of an emergency, provide support on site within 1 hour (7x24 hours);

5. Proficiency in daily troubleshooting steps in the Equipment room, such as replacing accessories (memory, hard disk, CPU, optical fiber, optical module, etc.);

6. Other operation and maintenance content

Job requirements

1. Be able to communicate fluently in English and Chinese;

2. As the resident in the local Equipment room, provide on-site technical support at any time (7x24 hours);

3. Familiar with Windows, Linux system management and network management, able to configure servers and switches according to operating documents;

4. Experience in Equipment room operation and maintenance or project site deployment;

5. Good learning, communication skills and certain ability to resist pressure, and have good teamwork skills