Electrical Engineer

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Job Description

Hamburg, Germany

Electrical engineer
Job description
1, review the photovoltaic power plant installation application materials submitted to the power grid company to ensure that the information is correct and complete, and successfully passed.
2. Cooperate with the design department to complete the survey and design of the power station, and produce the project plan and material list.
3. Supervise and audit the construction of photovoltaic power stations to ensure that the construction quality is up to standard.
4, nuclear submitted to the power grid company photovoltaic power plant grid-connection application materials, to ensure that the information is correct and complete, smooth grid connection.
5. Use the qualification of electrical engineer to sign the information of the power station, so that the power station can successfully apply for and connect to the grid.
6, you need to go to the company's training center to train the construction team and electricians, and assess them, as well as project construction supervision.
7, help the company to train electrical, within 2 years to build a 5-10 electrician team.
8. Assist the business in dealing with customer relations.
9. Assist the company to deal with the relationship between electrical companies, licensing authorities, power grids and other relevant institutions.


Education: Master degree in electricity-related industry, with German electrician Master certificate, able to complete the signing of power station grid connection;
Experience: 5 years experience in design, construction, operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power stations;
Industry: Experience in German solar industry, in-depth understanding of German and European industry environment;
Communication: Excellent communication and stakeholder management skills, able to produce training materials and teach;
Culture: Ability to work in an international environment and understand the cultural differences between East and West;
Language: Fluent in English, familiar with local language preferred

Office address: Hamburg, Germany